Refine Ourselves and Embrace a Promising Future—Grand Holding of Zhejiang Hailiang 2019 Semi-annual Business Analysis Conference

July 26th to 28th witnessed the grand holding of Zhejiang Hailiang 2019 Semi-annual Business Analysis Conference in the beautiful Shengsi Islands, Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province. Nearly 100 management personnel from various departments, divisions and subsidiaries of Zhejiang Hailiang gathered here to jointly summarize and analyze the work of the first half of 2019 and discuss the business objectives for the second half of the year. Focusing on the business theme of “Refine Ourselves and Embrace a Promising Future”, the conference was held in accordance with three chapters: visit Shanghai production base, group discussion of business management teams, and management analysis meeting of the company.


Chapter One

Make Arduous Efforts and Seize Opportunity—Visit Shanghai Production Base

On the morning of July 26th, Zhu Zhangquan, chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Hailiang, led the company’s management personnel who attended the conference to Shanghai. The purpose of this trip was to visit Shanghai Hailiang Copper Co., Ltd. General manager Fu Haidong and vice general manager Wang Wei, on behalf of Shanghai Hailiang Copper Co., Ltd, made a work report on the production and operation of the Shanghai production base.


During the visit, Chairman Zhu expressed his affirmation on the efforts made by Shanghai Base in realizing product process improvement and operation management mode optimization. He also asked relevant employees about the current equipment management, production process, product quality and capacity improvement speed of the Shanghai Base. After a detailed understanding of the Base, he guided and arranged the production capacity equipment and overall work direction for the next-phase development.


Shanghai Hailiang Copper Co。, Ltd。 has a complete product line and strong market competitiveness。 In 2017, as a major supplier of Daikin, it won the “Daikin Global Supplier” award。 In 2018, it was awarded the title of “Excellent Supplier” by LG。 After years of steady and relentless efforts, the company’s performance has grown by leaps and bounds。 During the period of 2016-2018, the company’s performance has been outstanding with the average annual compound growth of appraisal profit reaching 46%。 As is obvious, the profit has doubled within two years。 In the first half of 2019, the appraisal profit exceeded 100 million CNY, a year-on-year increase of 22。9%。

Chapter Two

Summarize Shortcomings and Be Fully Prepared—Group Discussion

On the afternoon of July 26th, all the participants arrived in Shengsi Islands, and the next two-day meeting will be held in this “fairy mountain on the sea”. After a short break, the group discussion was held immediately: large production (equipment) group, technical quality group, sales group and financial group. Each group analyzed in-depth of the work and operation of their respective groups in the first half of 2019, summed up the existing problems, and jointly sought the best solution to plan for the company’s development in the second half of the year. Mr. Zhu participated in the four group meetings, gave guidance on each topics and shared his long-term thinking, inspiring all participants to think deeply about future development.


The group meetings were held at the same time at four venues。 Mr。 Zhu came to the sales discussion group first to listen to the work report of the sales market in the first half of 2019 and strategies to explore future market from management mode, incentive mode and operation mode through creative thinking。 At the meeting, Mr。 Zhu pointed out that the company needs to integrate a comprehensive market and form a new sales mode under the new situation。 Moreover, the company should use its capacity advantage to innovate in sales, and seek innovation from incentive mode, assessment mode and operating mode。 In this way, the strong product and service competitiveness will be built to enhance the value of our brand, opening up the company’s sales market。

The technical quality group mainly analyzed and discussed technological innovation and optimization of existing equipment from the perspective of the company’s existing technology and ongoing projects. After listening to the analysis of the technical personnel of the company, Mr. Zhu noted that the company has an excellent technical team. With their support, the company will booth the stability and competitiveness of its products through continuous improvement of process technology and equipment technology.


At the meeting of the financial group and the mass production (equipment) group, Mr. Zhu emphasized the same keyword—“management”. In the financial group, Zhu said that as the company becomes larger, the importance of financial analysis stands out. The company should strengthen financial management and bring the financial personnel into full play, thus enhancing the overall competitiveness of the company. In the production equipment group, Zhu stressed that the company should continue to refine management, enhance comprehensive competitiveness, and further realize automation and intelligence.

At each group meeting, to strengthen the coordination and resource support between different departments became a concern. Through the full exchange and mutual guidance, heads of each unit further strengthened the work coordination and effectively summarized the blind spots, difficulties and weaknesses in their work, and therefore better grasping the future development trend of the company.

Chapter Three

Refine Ourselves and Embrace a Promising Future—Management Analysis Conference

July 28th witnessed the grand holding of Zhejiang Hailiang 2019 Semi-annual Business Analysis Conference. Nearly 100 middle and high level managers from Zhejiang Hailiang gathered here to jointly seek the great expectations of Hailiang.

The meeting was hosted by Wang Sheng, vice general manager of Zhejiang Hailiang。 At the meeting, the heads of major customer management center, purchasing management center, international trade department, Hailiang Otto (Thailand) Company, European HME Company, Anhui Copper Industry, Shanghai Copper Industry, Guangdong Copper Industry and Zhejiang Production Base all delivered elaborate work report of the first year of 2019 and plans for the second half of the year。


At the end of the meeting, Mr。 Zhu delivered a keynote speech。 He made an in-depth analysis of the macroeconomic and external environment in recent years, interpreted the company’s operations in the first half of the year in detail, carefully analyzed the risks and opportunities hidden under the current situation, arranged the key tasks for the second half of the work, and clarified the company’s future strategic goals。


Mr. Zhu pointed out that in the face of the complicated and severe economic situation both at home and abroad, the market situation is very sluggish and it is difficult to sell. Therefore, the company should further clarify the strategic direction and concentrate on “service competitiveness + rely on product competitiveness” and “capital operation + manufacture good products” and “modern intelligent manufacturing + focus on copper processing and manufacturing”. With a sharp weapon in hand, the company will blaze a new trail through bramble and thistle. He also analyzed the company’s ten core strengths through comparing data with that of our counterparts, which boosted the team’s confidence. At the same time, he made it clear that the difficult period of the industry downturn and the industry’s shuffling accelerated by the harsh external environment present a great opportunity for Zhejiang Hailiang!

The future has come, all Hailiang people will set mind and unite together, respecting not only products but also customers. We will always upgrade in the competition, and strive for the grand vision of becoming a “giant in non-ferrous materials intelligent manufacturing”!

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