Talent Recruitment

Have both ability and political integrity ,Take morality as the foundation ,Shang Yin can use energy ,Performance priority

宝博彩票登陆Hailiang praised the value proposition of "having both ability and political integrity, taking Germany as the foundation, and still being able to use energy and giving priority to performance". Understanding of virtue, Hai Liang believes that integrity, pragmatic, hard-working, mind is the most important. Good understanding of sea bright ideas, think, dare to play, good innovation, nurtures the most important. Hai Liang believes that performance is the only standard for talent evaluation, and insists on talent appointment with performance contribution.

For those not only able to achieve outstanding personal performance, but also to lead the team to create outstanding achievements of talent, Hai Liang will promote them to become leader of the sea light.

Recruitment Policy

Recruitment Policy

All the sea would like to apply for the candidates for the position, through the official website or the sea bright qianchengwuyou, headhunting network and other channels to understand the specific job requirements and qualification requirements, can also use a 0575-87655323 to the sea of human resources department staff consultation to get more job information。

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